What makes us different

Thompson Logging & Trucking Inc. is unlike the rest, we have an extensive amount of experience with construction site problem-solving skills within the industry. Thompson’s offers our customers with the best solution(s) so our customers never have to face that problem again with an ending result that delivers quality for our customers and not problems!


The year 1945, Harry L. Thompson established Thompson Trucking. Harry’s son, Lee Thompson Sr., started Thompson Logging in 1969. 24 years later, Lee Thompson Jr. merged the two companies in 1993 creating Thompson Logging & Trucking Inc.

Thompson Logging & Trucking, Inc. is a small business that started out with one chainsaw and one bulldozer offering big services over the years. As we grew, so did our reliability, pace, and product output which led us to providing services such as select cutting and land clearing. At that point, we began building relationships, and not did we only serve our local clients but clients all over the state of Pennsylvania which include: Walter H Weaber & Son Inc, XTO Energy, and the Pennsylvania Forestry.

Due to the success in the Logging Industry, the company was able to expand enabling them to purchase over-the-road trucks and establish themselves in the transportation industry. The company is well looked up to for the transportation of various products to all points on the East Coast and transporting construction demolition back to Ohio to Federal approved landfills.

The company has adapted to change with the economy contributing to its success. The company’s long-term goals are to provide the best service possible.


We give you solutions not problems! For 20+years our company has the experience on all construction locations with multiple skilled leaders that is backed by 3 generations of knowledge. That is a lot of problem solving experience! There is no problem too big or too small for us. Over the years, we approached innovative thinking, diversity, and communication which are the key factors for working as a team.  Don’t ask why, ask why haven’t you called Thompsons today?

Delivering quality and solutions is what we do!