Safety Mission

Thompson's is currently an active member of PEC Safety / Veriforce and ISNetworld, maintaining an A-1 safety record, LTT Trucking LLC. is currently an active member on Veriforce, while maintaining an A-1 safety record  for decades. All project foreman's / superintendents / associates are trained and experienced in the safe performance of their responsibilities, all company employees are instructed on their right to stop work at any time they see an actual or perceived potential for injury or accident. Weekly company-wide safety meetings and daily tailgate staff meetings are conducted on all projects to ensure a safe workplace, so we can see our families at end of day, everyday.

What makes us different

Thompson Logging & Trucking Inc. and LTT Trucking, LLC are unlike the rest, we have an extensive amount of experience with construction site problem-solving skills within the industry. Thompson’s offers our customers with the best solution(s) so our customers never have to face that problem again with an ending result that delivers quality for our customers and not problems!